29 Jun 2024

Rahul Dravid wants Team India to win T20 World Cup 2024… What He said About This Being His Last Match As Team Coach

Under the coaching of former Indian cricket team coach Rahul Dravid, Team India has once again reached the ICC T20 World Cup-2024 final. When the team takes the field today on Saturday at Bridgetown Barchardos ground, this will be Rahul Dravid's last match with this team as a coach. Rahul Dravid's contract ended after the ODI World Cup last November, but the team management had requested him to carry out this responsibility till the T20 World Cup which he accepted.

Now the Indian broadcaster of the T20 World Cup 2924 has launched a campaign on the social media platform, Do for Dravid. Which is getting a lot of support from the cricket world as well as the fans. However, 51-year-old Dravid wants to win the T20 World Cup trophy not for any individual or for himself but for the team and the country. 

Winning the World Cup will not be a moment of personal pride for Rahul Dravid, it will be an achievement of the entire team, which the entire country will be proud of. According to Rahul, if India becomes the T20 World Champion, then it will be the result of the team's efforts and the inspirational captaincy of captain Rohit Sharma.

I just want team players to play good cricket: Rahul

Rahul Dravid said that he just wants team players to play good cricket. They are against the fact that the team should win it for any particular person. Rahul said that he does not even want to talk about it nor does he want to discuss it. 

On this occasion, he said that he does not believe in 'do something for someone'. He likes this quote very much. In which someone is asking someone else why do you want to climb Mount Everest? And the other person says that he wants to climb Mount Everest because it is Mount Everest.

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