2 Jul 2024

Bigg Boss 3: Fans call Deepak Chaurasia real man of reality show

Today the housemates have completed 12 days inside the house of Bigg Boss 3 and in such a situation, let us tell you that Bigg Boss is not desisting from giving a shock to the housemates. Today there will be another elimination from the Bigg Boss house. The news is coming that the voting lines have been opened only till 2 o'clock..but a day before the elimination, Bigg Boss gave a task to the housemates...the task was a puppet task in which three teams were formed, Shivani, Ranveer and Vishal. 

There is a factory and in this factory the housemates had to prepare puppets and after that all three of them had to perform, however, in this entire task, Deepak Chaurasia played the role of a quality inspector. Let us tell you that playing the role of a quality inspector is most important because the person who tests the quality should be honest and fair and if there is anyone inside the house who is the most real then it is only Deepak Chaurasia and Bigg Boss also knows this very well.

This is the reason why fans have now started calling Deepak Chaurasia the real man of reality show.

Vishal stood first in the ration task

Vishal stood first in the ration task, Shivani stood second and Ranveer stood third. No one challenged the work of Deepak as a quality inspector. Everyone said that Deepak Chaurasia did the quality test very honestly and said that even Bigg Boss appreciated it.. When the ration came at night, Deepak Chaurasia tried to explain the game to Vishal through gestures.

Deepak Chaurasia spoke in such a low voice that he was not able to reach the mic. Whenever someone speaks in a whisper, Bigg Boss interrupts him/her and tells not to whisper but Bigg Boss did not stop Deepak, after which Deepak Chaurasia also explained in gestures to Vishal that you should not be hyper when Armaan says anything. Deepak said he wants to make you hyper and when a person is angry, he takes wrong decisions. 

Let us tell you that in tonight's upcoming episode, there will be a big fight between Armaan and Vishal where Armaan insulted Vishal in a very wrong way but in the night when Deepak Chaurasia pacified Vishal like an elder brother, Vishal understood and knew what he had to do in the game.


The housemates have got ration in very less quantity. Some items have been given, on one hand, Vishal has got premium ration, Shivani has got luxury ration and Ranveer has got basic ration, so the things they have got here are also big. The boss has given very less and in such a situation, Deepak Chaurasia explained well to all three how to distribute the ration so that there are no fights and issues in the house.

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