14 Sep 2019

Drone Attacked Oil Company In Saudi Arabia

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In a bizarre incident drones attacked an oil company in Saudi Arabia. The name of the oilfield is Saudi Aramco.  Two oil plants of Arab oil company Aramco have been attacked by drones. 

Giving information, the official Saudi press agency said that at four in the morning, the industrial security teams of Aramco started to control the fire caused by the drone attack at their plants in Abqac and Khuras. 

 According to the news published in Amar Ujala, the statement said that investigation has been started after the attack in the eastern province of the state, but the source of the drone has not been ascertained yet. Last month, Saudi Arabia was also attacked by Yemen's Houthi rebels, setting fire to Aramco's Shaiba natural gas liquefaction facility, but no casualties were reported by the company.

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