14 Sep 2019

Pakistan Army Showed White Flags To Take Their Soldiers Bodies

On Sept 11 and 12 Indian Soldiers killed a Pakistani Intruders in Hajipur sector of POK in an attempt by the Indian Army in retaliation to unprovoked ceasefire violation.  The identity of one of the soldier killed is Ghulam Rasool of Pakistan Punjab.  In an attempt to recover bodies of 2 soldiers Pakistan Army showed White flags to take their soldier body.  

First only one soldier was killed and in an attempt to retrieve that soldier body another soldier was killed.  Pakistan army tried for 2 days to recover the bodies but failed.  Then they showed white flags to recover their soldiers bodies who had died.

Meanwhile Pakistan army has been much active in LOC by heavy firing and motor shelling in the Indian Land.  The situation has worsened by the time of removal of Article 370 

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