27 Sep 2019

ED:- No Need To Sharad Pawar To Come To ED Office

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Assembly elections are going to be held in Maharashtra and in the meantime political drama has started between ED and Sharad Pawar, Sharad Pawar wanted to go to the office of ED in the 25 thousand crores scam in Maharashtra Cooperative Bank then the same ED does not want to question him. ED has told Sharad Pawar that he does not need to come to the ED office

It has been learned that ED has sent an email to Sharad Pawar saying that he has no need to come to office today. It will summon him when it feels the need. But despite the e-mail, Sharad Pawar is adamant on going to the ED office today. 

Meanwhile, Mumbai Police Commissioner Sanjay Barve met Sharad Pawar at his house and appealed to him not to go to the ED office. Sharad Pawar said that all the opposition parties are with him and he has nothing to do with the bank scam. He said, I do not want law and order to deteriorate, so I have decided not to go to the ED office.

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