17 Sept 2019

Karnataka Minister K S Eshwarappa Gave Conflicting Statement

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In an outrageous statement Karnataka's Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Minister KS Eshwarappa said on Sunday said that patriotic Muslims would vote for the BJP while supporters of Pakistan would hesitate to do so and will not be voting for BJP even if the party is working for their favor.  

Eshwarappa had said before the Lok Sabha elections that Muslims would not be given tickets by the BJP. Adding to the statement the senior BJP leader also announced that his party-led government would ban cow slaughter in the state.
Eshwarappa said, 'Akhand Bharat is the wish of everyone. And this is not happening because some section of the political leaders fear that they will not get the votes of Muslims as BJP is always considered as Hindu led party and getting votes from Muslims may not be possible. 

According to him before BJP came to power he met some Congress MLAs who wanted to join the BJP, but claimed that they had more than 50 thousand Muslim votes in their assemblies and if they lost them they would face defeat may have to.'

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