17 Sep 2019

Poppy Seeds:- 10 Magical Benefits

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Poppy seeds are used for sweet dishes or vegetable gravy. But do you know that poppy is also used as a medicine. Yes, it is full of taste and health and it is used in the treatment of health problems. So let us know 10 medicinal properties of poppy seeds -

1. Poppy is used as a pain reliever. Opium alkaloids found in it play an important role in relieving all types of pain. In particular, it is used in muscle pain. Poppy oil is also available in the market, which is used to relieve pain.

2. Poppy is also very beneficial in case of respiratory problems. Along with this, it also helps in reducing long-term relief in respiratory problems by reducing cough.

3. If you are troubled by the problem of sleeplessness, then drinking hot poppy milk before bedtime can be very beneficial for you. It removes the problem of insomnia. This will motivate you to sleep.

4. Poppy is the best source of fiber, which does not cause constipation. Apart from this, it also helps in better digestion and is also very beneficial for giving energy to the body.

5. Poppy is also consumed as a treatment in kidney stones. Oxalates found in it by absorbing excess calcium present in the body.  It prevents stones from forming in the kidneys.

6. Poppy seeds help in relieving mental stress as well as helps in reducing wrinkles on the skin. It contains plenty of antioxidants, which help you to maintain your youth.

7. Poppy is also helpful in providing moisture to the skin. It helps in reducing the irritation and itching of the skin as well as in fighting problems like eczema.

8. Besides being rich in omega-6 fatty acids, protein, fiber, poppy seeds also contain phytochemicals, vitamin B, thiamine, calcium, and manganese, which are very beneficial nutritionally.

9. To make the skin beautiful, poppy seeds are used as a face pack by grinding them in milk. It provides moisture to the skin as well as brings a natural glow, and makes the face glow.

10. Besides this, poppy seeds are used to get relief from many minor problems like excessive thirst, fever, bloating or stomach irritation. It is also helpful in calming the heat rising in the stomach.

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