25 Sep 2019

Thieves Raid The House Of Vice President Of Samsung Company

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The case of theft of the house of Vice President of Samsung company and woman of Korean origin has come to light, from the house of Vice President of Samsung Company in Safdarjung Enclave area of ​​Delhi, thieves have stolen foreign currency and Mac Book laptap, Canon camera, watch and 3 lens has been stolen after the theft, the woman has lodged a complaint. The incident is reported to be September 24

According to the information received, when she woke up at 5:30 in the morning, she saw that a lot of goods had been stolen from the house. Which includes Mac Book laptop, Canon camera, watch and 3 lenses in addition to foreign exchange. The victim woman complained to the police in this regard. On the basis of which the police has registered an FIR.

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