18 Oct 2019

Major Accident Reported From Shajapur Leaving Four School Children Dead

A heart wrenching accident has occurred in Reichoda Village in Shajapur leaving four school children dead when Omni van they were travelling from school to home fell into an open well while taking a reverse.  In this all the children fell into the well.  The children were reportedly from AA Academy school, Shajapur Madhya Pradesh.  All the children sitting were in the age group of 5 to 10 years old.  Four children were reportedly killed in the accident due to drowning.

According to the reports there was no safety measures taken by the school like GPS, CCTV camera, First Aid Kit or any fire fighting equipment present in the vehicle.  If the measures could have been taken then the lives of small children could have been saved.

Many times these type of incidence have occurred and many times it was mentioned to have these equipment in the vehicles as well as school but never anything positive have been done to implement these measures. 

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