29 Oct 2019

US President Donald Trump Shared Details for Its Mission Against Baghdadi

American President Donald Trump shared picture of the dog who had played a vital role in capturing and killing hard core terrorist and leader of ISIS Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.

Trump said that American intelligence agencies were following Baghdadi and that they knew that there are many tunnels where Baghdadi is and most of these tunnels had no exit. Trump had engaged a large group of Special Forces for this mission. It included eight helicopters, several ships and planes.

American helicopters flew over Turkey. Along with this, they passed through the areas where the Syrian and Russian military were in control. Trump said that although Russia did not know about the operation of the American Special Force yet Russian forces didn't stopped American helicopter marching from its territory.

The US President also added,"The flight passed many dangerous areas. Sometimes the flight speed had to be very slow and sometimes very fast. As soon as the chopper reached Baghdadi's premises, firing started. 

A person from Rainsa village told the BBC, "Before landing on the ground, there was a firing for 30 minutes by helicopters. Missiles were also fired at two houses by helicopter. One house was completely destroyed in it.

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