26 Nov 2019

Ajit Pawar Resigned From The Post Of Deputy Chief Minister

According to the latest reports coming in Ajit Pawar has handed over his resignation to from the post of Deputy Chief Minister to Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.  

According to the reports coming in Sharad Pawar has asked Ajit Pawar to resign.  Tomorrow was was the floor test of the present BJP led govt in the Maharashtra Assembly.  It is being reported that Shard Pawar has asked Ajit to come back and that Shard has pardoned him.  

According to Congress MLA Nitin Rawat Ajit didn't have enough any MLA's of NCP behind him.  And was left alone.  So he resigned.

This decision has come as shock in the corridors of politics.  As now the tables are being turned to the Cong, NCP and Shiv Sena alliance.  

According to the latest reports coming in Devendra Fadnavis could also resign from the post at 3:30 PM.  

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