29 Nov 2019

Cheque Bounce Case Filed Against Amisha Patel

A case of cheque bounce of Rs 10 lakh rupees has been filed in Indore court against Bollywood's known actress Amisha Patel. Keeping in mind the earlier evidence, the court has issued a notice against Amisha Patel and ordered to appear in the court on 27 January.

Amisha Patel is accused that she had taken 10 lakh rupees in the name of a film production from a girl from Indore. And later the cheque given was bounced. 

After the check bounced, Amisha did not give the money to the young woman after several rounds. After this, now a complaint is filed in the court against Amisha.

After hearing the complaint, first class magistrate Manish Bhatt has ordered Amisha Patel to appear in court on January 27.

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