29 Nov 2019

Teleangana Home Minister Mohd Mahmood Ali Conflicting Statement

As Telangana is facing one of the cruelest murder of the city in which a young doctor has been tentatively raped, murdered and then charred to death to hide the conspiracy in a busy street of Hyderabad.  

At this point of time Telangana Home Minister Mohd Mahmood Ali had criticized the victim and said that the victim had called her sister, father and mother but she didn't called the police.  She should have dialed 100, if she would have dialed 100 she would have been safe now.

But it is reported that when the doctor father went to the police station to take help and search for their daughter they were send one police to another and nothing was done to help them for 4 hours.

Now the Minister is patching up his past statement saying that the girl is just like his daughter and every possible help would be given to the family of the victim and the culprits would be nabbed soon.

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