8 Nov 2019

Demonetization Completes three Years: Is It the Reason Behind Economic Slowdown

Today is the day when demonetization was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  It was this day that had made commoners important as they were standing in lines with some important VIP's for currency change.  Even as the VIP's standing were least interested behind the reasons for demonetization.  Those VIP's were only interested in politics behind it.  

But that had made and changed the lives of many Indian Citizens who were least bothered about politics but what mattered them was that now just in a matter of 50 days what was said by the Prime Minister their lives will change to the best.  As a citizen I had given my Prime Minister full term to make this happen.  

It is very simple to pronounce judgement on the decisions but it is tough to take decisions.  I as a citizen was standing with my government with its decisions.  But after three years passing by what I'm getting is more questionable.  I couldn't change anything for the country in one day but yes I agreed with the policy and changed my life for the demonetization by standing in long queues. 

But after three years of the movement are these 50 days commitment completed.  Sensex in 2016 was at 26000 bench mark and today it is standing at 40,653.  These numbers are just double the numbers as were before.  

India is now well known as an emerged country as it was known as emerging country before. But now major consensus is on economic slowdown which the country is facing right now.  Many people are left jobless now as many industries have shut down in auto sector as well as various other sectors.  

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