28 Nov 2019

Gas Tragedy: A Mistake That Left Thousands Dead And Lakh Deformed

Today we are sharing with you horrific incidents that went on on the dreadful night of Bhopal that still haunts the hearts of many.  That night death walked the streets of Bhopal and shadows of poison walked on the streets taking lives of thousands in a stroll.  

Even after thirty-five years that night is still fresh among many who witnessed death and escaped it with just a pinch of time.  Even as time has moved on but the pain of being snatched away by our own people still is haunting many.  Still wounds of many have been fresh and people are suffering. 

The people who were most affected were the labor class people who were working in this factory and were living in these settlements built around Union Carbide.  

With the start of this factory citizens were hopeful of employment from this company, but their joy soon vanished when their hopes of changing their life by a foreign company vanished and the golden dream they were watching turned in to nightmare.  

Even the people working for this company didn't knew of the poisonous gas the company had which later dissolved poison in their lives.  

The day of December 2 was just like a normal day.  Workers arrived at the company as usual.  Started their work at eight o'clock shift as usual. All the workers, including the supervisor, got involved in their work. At around nine o'clock the cleaning staff started the cleaning work. Cleaned the pipeline near underground tanks. 

Meanwhile while cleaning the sweeper by mistake left the clamp open of tank number 610 which became the death tank. This was the same tank in which poisonous gas methyl Iso cyanate was filled. But it was not the first time the gas was filled, it was ever since the factory started. 

This was the negligence that no one got punished. Except for those innocent. That night when the sweeper returned after cleaning, he forgot to clamp a valve. Due to which the water got filled up in the gas. Chemical process started. And the gas dissolved and started dissolving in the air. By the time the mistake was realized it was too late. Gas filled tank number 610 was spewing smoke.

First, the workers of the company were the victims of this smoke. And then slowly the whole city came under the grip of this gas. Eye irritation, nervousness, vomiting happened to people. By 2 AM there was a rush of patients in the hospitals. 

But doctors were not able to cure or help them.  The doctors did not understand what happened to the people of Bhopal.  People were dying one by one starting from hundred, two hundred and five hundred thousand, the figure has crossed eight thousand mark.

It was the intervening night of 2 and 3 December. Forty tons of gas had leaked from tank number 610. The fog of death engulfed Bhopal along with poisonous gas. People got separated from their loved ones.  Who were left by death were forced to live in an unimaginable conditions.  Some women were widowed and some were helpless. 

In front of eyes of woman their husband and children.  Where thousands of people paid for a moment. At present after generations the claws of poisonous gas are still leaving their mark it seems that the punishment will continue for centuries.

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