30 Nov 2019

Health Benefits Of Flax Seeds

Today at Medianews 18 we are going to tell you benefits of flax seeds which are easily available in the market.  Flax seeds is a great source of Omega 3 and omega 3 is known to benefit heart, muscles, joints and digestion.  It is a good agent in digestion and help fasten the digestive system of the body.

Its Omega 3 cover up our body need for copper and hence is helpful in joint pains and muscles. Since it is high in fibre so it stores anti inflammatory functions in the body.

If taken roasted of around 6 gm it initiates metabolism in the body.  It burns fats to restores perfect weight of the person.  It is also full of anti oxidants that builds person ability to fight diseases.

It is a good source of Vitamin B that lowers the Cholesterol in the body.  Flax seeds is also a source of Magnesium that lowers blood pressure in the body thus lowering chances of heart diseases. 

Flax Seeds also have Potassium which is a good source to help build ligaments in the body. Ligaments are helpful in muscle building. 

It also has a rich source of Phosphorous that protects us from cancer .  The main and basic element it is having is the iron which is a major anti viral and anti bacterial.

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