7 Nov 2019

India Shames Countries Helping Pakistan In Melbourne Meeting

India in Melbourne Anti terror meet shamed Terrorism.  India has once again raised their point that Pakistan is funding the terrorist groups and sheltering terrorist in its land and is spreading terrorism in India. 

India also told to stop funding of the terrorist groups in the shape of FATF and said that the countries involved in this organization are just amounting an increase in the terror groups by giving funds to countries like Pakistan who are supporting terrorism.  

The Indian team is led by Minister of state for home affairs G Kishan Reddy and National Investigation agency chief YC Modi.  The theme of the conference was No Money For Terror.  

In this meeting Indian panel had once again shown the face of terrorism country Pakistan and have asked the member countries to stop all the funds given to Pakistan as Pakistan is using these funds to help grow terrorism in India and support terrorist groups.  

This is a tow day meeting and since today is the first day of the meeting and reassessment is being done for the global and regional threat assessment and funding related to that.

In today briefing Indian team had done their job well and funding to Pakistan by FATF countries is being criticized.   

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