27 Nov 2019

ISRO Launched 14 New Satellites Making India Proud

ISRO (ISRO) once again made India proud by its historic deed.  ISRO today in its historic step sent 14 satellites into space simultaneously from Sriharikota launch pad in Andhra Pradesh at 9.28 am today. 

The most important of these satellites is Cartosat-3, which is a military spy satellite. With this, 13 Nano Satellites of America have also been launched. All these satellites were placed in its orbit within 27 minutes. These satellites are sent from PSLV C-47. This is the 49th flight of PSLV-C47.

The borders will be monitored through the Cartosat-3 satellite. It is a third generation satellite with high resolution imaging capacity. It will be in an orbit 509 km above the Earth and will monitor India's borders from there. Cartosat satellite can capture images of the Earth under any weather condition.

Through this, clear pictures can be taken from the sky up to a height of one feet from the ground both day and night. Defense experts claim that no country has launched such an accurate satellite camera yet. America's private space company Digital Globe's Geo I-1 satellite can take pictures up to a height of 16.14 inches.

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