8 Nov 2019

Maharashtra Update On Forming Government

Still the suspense is going on to form the government in Maharashtra.  Shiv Sena is adamant on 50-50 formulas and yesterday it brought to light the news of buying its MLAs by various other parties.  

And to stop this Shiv Sena has shifted all its MLA to some hotel in Mumbai to safeguard their MLA's from this selling and purchasing.  In the same mode Congress has also send all their MLAs to Jaipur.  Congress alleged that BJP is trying to buy their MLAs.

But now the role of Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari has become very important in forming the government in the state. Currently, there is time till 12:00 noon on November 9 to form the government.  Because at that the present assembly and the government will be dissolving as full five years term will be completed.

Actually, according to the constitution, if a government is not formed in the state, then the governor of the state has three options:-

The first option of which is that if the state does not have a chief minister, the governor can extend the tenure of the current chief minister until the next chief minister is elected.   

Second option is that the governor call a session of the assembly. And give instructions to choose the leader. 

Third option says that if the government is not formed in the state, then the governor should send a report to the center and recommend imposition of President's rule in the state by suspending the assembly.

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