9 Nov 2019

Major Decision Points Of Supreme Court

Major Decision Of Supreme Court As mentioned Below:-

1. Outside Hindus used to pray for years.  SC had said that alternate land has to be given to Sunni Wakf Board as Hindus have also said that they will give alternate land to Muslims and now SC has mentioned that it is a must to give land to Sunni Wakf board.  

2. SC has asked Centre to make a trust within three months and then prepare rules and regulations to construct temple.  

3. Disputed land is of Ramlalla and is given to Hindus and Muslims be given alternate land. And now Muslims Wakf borad will be given 5 Acres of land somewhere else.  And Centre will now prepare to construct temple within three months.

Muslims side lawyer has welcomed the decision of SC and said that five acre land is much more than expected. 

Centre has 67.7 acre of land where Muslims can be given 5 Acres of Land

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