9 Nov 2019

Supreme Court Decision: Point Wise And Accepted Ramlalla Stand

Judgement as per coming:- 

Case 1501 Shia Vs Sunni regarding the malikana haq.  Shia Board claiming rights of ownership have been dismissed and 1946 verdict is now stand still.  Ayodhya verdict is also stand still and all the judges are on a single opinion.

Whole judgement will be read in about 30 minutes.

1. Masjid was built in 1528.  22 -23 December 2 idols were placed.  

When Masjid was built this doesn't matter.  Places of worship is the India's law of the country.  Precise date of construction has no relevance.  

2. Nirmohi Akhada Claim have been dismissed. Nirmohi Akhad is not a Sevadar and is barred by limitations as Nirmohi Akhada has given claim after 6 years.  .  Court has accepted Ramlalla as one opponent.  Ramlalla has been lawfully accepted.

3. Babri Masjid was not made on plain land.  This is a major setback to Sunni board.  ASI has declared that temple was of 12th century.

4. SC has accepted that there was a big monument below Masjid found.  Temple was demolished to make Masjid.  Old stones and pillars were found below the Masjid which suggest that the temple was demolished.  SC accepted the fact that Hindus used to pray at the disputed area and claim of Hindus is accepted.  And this fact have not been opposed by anyone.  

5. Ramlalla historic documents have been taken as a fact of justice.

6. ASI was not able to tell that if there was any temple or not.

7. Sita Rasoi and chabutra confirmed temple inside.

8. SC has said that even if there were remains of Hindu scriptures it doesn't agree to the claim of Hindus.  

9. SC court had dismissed the Muslims claim that it read Namaz from the starting 1856-1857 was not accepted. 

10. Britishers had put a railing for both the communities.  And hindus prayed in the inner part of the structure and when Hindus were stopped from going inside they used to pray at the railing outside the inner part.  As Hindus were not allowed to pray at the garbgreh.  After 1934 riots Muslims occupancy was disallowed and were not able to go inside the Mosque.  

11. ASI have supported the claims of Hindus.  And had said that Namaz was read and Hindus also prayed at the same place.

12. Disputed divided into three parts is disallowed and Nirmohi Akhada claim has been rejected and now only there are two parties.

Major Decision Point 

1. Outside Hindus used to pray for years.  SC had said that alternate land has to be given to Sunni Wakf Board as Hindus have also said that they will give alternate land to Muslims and now SC has mentioned that it is a must to give land to Sunni Wakf board.  

2. SC has asked Centre to make a trust within three months and then prepare rules and regulations to construct temple.  

3. Disputed land is of Ramlalla and is given to Hindus and Muslims be given alternate land. And now Muslims Wakf borad will be given 5 Acres of land somewhere else.  And Centre will now prepare to construct temple within three months.

Muslims side lawyer has welcomed the decision of SC and said that five acre land is much more than expected. 

Centre has 67.7 acre of land where Muslims can be given 5 Acres of Land

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