26 Nov 2019

Shanta Reason Behind Lord Rama Birth

King of Kaushal Raj, King Dasaratha had four sons. Lord Rama, Bharata, Lakshmana and Shatrughna. Before these four brothers, King Dasharatha and Kaushalya also had a daughter.  Her name was Shanta. Like her name, Shanta is said to be a very quiet and gentle girl. 

As Shanta grew older, King Dasaratha's longing for a son also increased. One day Rani Kaushalya's sister Varshini and her husband Rampad come to Ayodhya.  Shanti is so pleased with Varshini that she also wished her the same daughter. King Dasharatha knew that Rampad and Varshini would not have any children, in such a situation, they will adopt Shanta. 

It is believed that after this, Kaushalya was also angry with Dasharatha for a long time. She could never forget Shanta from her heart. She always remembered Shanta after getting a son like Ram. Mother's grief could not be hidden for longer. 

When Ram came to know the truth from his mother.  He was filled with respect and reverence for the sister.  Actually, Shanta could not get the happiness she deserved when she lived with Rampad and Varshini. The princess of Kaushal Raj had to live as a ascetic.  

There is some story that one day Shanta and Varshini were talking. And then a Brahmin came begging at their door but both could not pay attention to his vows. That Brahmin was a devotee of Lord Indra. Indra was angry with the Shanta and Varshini behaviour and cursed to never rain under Rampad rule. 

The situation remained the same for many years. To deal with this problem, Rompad asks the remedy from Rishi Shringa.  Shringa advises him to perform Yajna. According to Rishi's advice, a yagna is done after which there is plenty of rain in Angadesh. 

Happy with the rains Rompad marries his adopted daughter Shanta to Rishi Shringa. Shringa is the same rishi who makes King Dasaratha perform a yajna to get a son. Perhaps it was the fate that Shanta would get married to Rishi and get him to perform the Yajna of Dasharatha. Because if Shanta were not there, perhaps Rishi Shringa would never have performed a yajna to get a son to King Dasharatha. 

And Ram could never incarnate on this earth.  Dasharatha first refused to perform such a yajna but Shanta, understanding her father, celebrates this yagya to Rishi. She uses her and her husband's life-long tenacity for the father's wish fulfillment. And King Dasharatha does not even know about it. Kaushalya knows everything. And since the birth of sons, she starts getting angry with King Dasharatha. Even after knowing about his sister, Ram was not able to meet her. 

Along with his three brothers, he goes in search of Shanta. In a hut built in the forest, he meets Shanta. The four brothers who came from the palace also met their elder sister and were blissfully happy. Shanta asked only one thing from her brothers in exchange for Mahalo's Aishoram. As a promise. The promise is that whatever happens, the four brothers will always be together. Will never break the door of affection. These four brothers always kept this promise given to their sister. 

Those who know Ramayana also know this. Shanta is mentioned in some texts of South India. Some other legends are also found. Shanta also has a temple in Lord Rama's temple located in Kullu where she is enthroned with her husband Rishi Shringa. Where every year a fair is held on Dussehra.

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