6 Nov 2019

Sidhu Letter To Indian Government

A letter by Navjot Singh Sidhu has come up in which he has asked for the permission from the Indian Government to travel to Pakistan for Kartarpar Corridor opening ceremony.  

But an interesting point in this whole episode is that Navjot Singh doesn't want to be a part of the jatha which is being schedule to go to kartarpur but rather wants to go to Islamabad first on 8th November 2019 and then will join the opening ceremony of Kartarpur Corridor opening on 9th November 2019.

This whole episode has stretched the eyes of Indian Government as Chief Minister of Punjab in a media briefing had said that Army Chief of the Pakistan army had informed before Imran was made Prime Minister that Kartarpur Corridor will be made by Pakistan Government to Sidhu.  

This had concluded that this corridor was not the decision of the Imran Khan but it had something to do of ISI as army chief of Pakistan is said to be chief of ISI as well.  

Now it is the turn of the Indian government of what decision it had to take for Sidhu.

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