29 Nov 2019

Supreme Court Rejects Plea Of Govt. Formation In Maharashtra

According to the reports coming in the Supreme Court has dismissed the plea against Maharashtra  ruling alliance.  

The Supreme Court in its order has said that it can not interfere in the government formation in the Maharashtra state.  

There were reports that one RSS activist has pleaded in the Supreme Court that the three party alliance is against law as the voters has voted for the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance.  After the result Shiv Sena has broken the alliance to become CM of its own party.  

This deed of the Shiv Sena is against law as now the voters have been cheated as the voters has voted for Shiv Sena only when it was with alliance with BJP.

The Supreme Court in its judgement has said that it can't intervene at the formation of the government making at any stage.

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