5 Nov 2019

Unusual Protest In Delhi As Cops Protest For Security

Delhi Cops are protesting against the lawyers and are demanding justice and security outside the Delhi Police Headquarters.   The protest is against the clash which had broken out against the Tis Hazari court on November 02, 2019.   

In this clash only one sided justice was given and cops were in that clash were suspended.  

Videos have come up in the recent days showing that the cops were mishandled by the lawyers.  And only cops were suspended however no action was taken against the lawyers.  

Today is the rarest of the rarest protest against the government by the cops.  And the cops are demanding action of against the lawyers and justice is being demanded by the government.  The cops are demanding justice by the Union Home Minister Amit Shah.  

The protest are including senior retired officer from the police department and present cops.  This protest is mainly against yesterday when a police officer was mishandled by a lawyer and was slapped and hit on his back.  And even ransacked a Police Station in South Delhi.

The protest had started from the Commissioner officer.  Yet no statement has come up from the Commissioner office.  As he was not available for the comments.  

The Delhi Police cops have been demanding security from these types of incidence.  This is the rarest protest against by the cops.  

However the work in the all the courts in Delhi have been shut down as the Delhi Lawyers are on strike today.

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