27 Nov 2019

Will Air India Privatize?

According to the confirmed sources news has been coming in of Air India is that the government is aiming to start the complete sale of the airline by March,  Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had started earlier this month.

According to the Union Minister if the government don’t privatize then it would be difficult to run the company.  

Right now Air India is facing acute financial crisis and the government is finding it difficult to function the prestigious company.  As the ground realities to run this company is totally different then what it seems. 

The company management and employee Union have sent bunch of proposal ahead of the stake sale of the company.

To bring to the notice of the readers this is the second stake sale of Air India as before also the government had tried to sell some part of the company in 2018 but the investors response was very weak. 

According to the sources the proposal by the management and Union of the company includes medical facilities for the current and retired employees, the arrears of pilots, demand for a two year lock in period and continuation of the scheme that offers complimentary tickets of the flights to employees.

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