15 Dec 2019

BJP Leader Threatens To Burn Rahul Gandhi Alive?

Even as daily leaders of various political parties teach morality lessons to each other.  

But the words coming out from the speaches of political leaders of parties differ than their morality valurs.  One such case has come from Ganjbasoda tehsil of Vidisha district of Madhya Pradesh.  Here a BJP leader threatened to burn the former Congress president Rahul Gandhi alive.

 According to the information received, at the village level societies by the Bharatiya Janata Party, a dharna demonstration program was organized for farmers for urea and other problems.  In this Ganj Basoda BJP's former city board president Rajesh Sharma, spoke in a much spoiled manner against Rahul Gandhi and even said that he will burn him alive.  

In fact this leader was cursing Rahul Gandhi in his eloquence on the statement of Repast India to him.  Then in his address he called Rahul Gandhi as Pappu and said that if I'm given a chance I will burn Rahul alive on seeing him.

 Not only this this leader further added that if he gets chance to burn Rahul alive he would be happily called as martyer for the country of India.  This video is now becoming increasingly viral on social media.

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