16 Dec 2019

Delayed Justice Is It A Joke?

A peculiar case is coming up from Rajasthan.  Here, a farmer has been issued notice for only 50 paise and even warned for taking strict action for not filling 50 paise.  The case is from Khetri Lok Adalat of Jhunjhun in Rajasthan.

According to the information Jitendra Kumar, a farmer living in Khetri of Jhunjhun when he reached his house from farms he was handed a notice of arrears of 50 paise.  And he was warned that if he does not deposit 50 paise after reaching the Lok Adalat on Saturday, legal action will be taken against him.  

The same farmer Jeetendra Kumar says that there is currently Rs 124 deposited in his account.  He accused the bankers that at 11 o'clock on Thursday night, the bankers reached his house and handed him a notice of arrears of 50 paise.  Not only this, Jitendra says that he is going to the authorities to deposit 50 money, but now the bank officials are refusing to deposit the money.

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