6 Dec 2019

Four Accused In Telangana Doctor Raped And Murder Encountered

According to the latest development in the Telangana veterinary doctor murder case all the four accused who were brought to shadnagar crime scene for the recreation of the scene by the police have been dead as they have been encountered.  When one of the accused attacked the police persons after scratching police revolver from the police.

According to reports coming in the incident took place between 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. Friday morning.

According to the latest reports coming in from the Telangana police the four accused were taken to the crime scene in shadnagar area to recreate the crime where the veterinary doctor was reportedly raped and murdered.  

Here one of the accused snatched the revolver of the police person and attacked the police party while other accused tried to run away.  The police persons in self defense opened fire and hence the four accused were killed.

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