17 Dec 2019

Man Hang Himself From The Fourth Floor After Caught By Lover's Husband

Reports are coming in from China where a love story which ended badly shook everyone.  You may have heard many stories of love affair and many incidents related to them, but one such incident has come to the forefront which shook everyone.  The matter has come up from China, which has shocked and.will bring up smile on anyone.  

Yes, a case of China is becoming increasingly viral on social media these days.  A nude man hungs himself from the window of a fourth floor building.  

According to media reports, the man was in love with a married woman and had come to meet his girlfriend, but at the same time the woman's husband came home and in a hurry, the man hung himself through the window.  After hanging for a while on the window, his grip got relaxed and he fell down in the garbage can.

 The video of this incident is becoming very viral on social media.  According to the report published in English website The Sun, this video is being told of China.  However, no confirmation has been made so far.

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