17 Dec 2019

Nitish Targetted In Bihar

As reported country is facing lot of resentment from various states of the country.  There is a lot of confusion about the Citizenship Amendment Bill across the country.  While JDU has given its consent to the Citizenship Amendment Act, but has protested against NRC and said that it will not apply in Bihar.  There is a difference of opinion among the leaders of the party.  

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's statement has still not come on any of these matters yet.  With which the poster war has started in Patna.

Meanwhile posters of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's disappearance have been put up outside the RJD office and in many areas of Patna.  In these posters, Nitish Kumar has also been described as dumb, deaf, blind.  It's been written in some posters that watch carefully this face has not been seen or heard past many days.  The seeker will always be grateful to Bihar.

Nobody knows who and when these posters have been pasted.  The police and administration are also worried about these posters.  

These posters have mentioned chief minister as deaf and dumb are handwritten.  Below in this poster is the photo of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and then missing, missing , missing is written. 

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