17 Dec 2019

Indecent Behaviour By Ireland Sheeps

Many incidents keep appearing in the world that will make you laugh till end.  One such case was reported from Ringaskiddy Harbor, South Ireland.  

Confirmed sources reported that thousands of sheep were grazing near Ringaskiddy Harbor, when around 80 thousand sheep and some cattle began to behave abnormally after drinking the water of the Harbor.

Actually, what happened was that thousands of kilograms of sexual drugs from a well-known pharmaceutical company got  dissolved in that water.  And by drinking this water, the sheep started behaving indifferently and sexually.  

The shepherds living in South Ireland complained that for the past one week, their sheep and cattle behaviour have changed drastically and their animals desire for physical relations with their sheep has increased considerably.  Sheep were beginning to form an association with female sheep at some point.  This series was going on for the last one week.  The investigation of the case started after several shepherds complained.

Investigation revealed that 755 tonnes of sex-enhancing drugs were mistakenly dissolved in the water from the drug manufacturing company in the area by which the sheep started to behave abnormally.  Because of which shepherds are getting upset now.   After drinking the same water, the sheep started behaving abnormally.  After a week, the effect of sexual enhancers in the sheep decreased.  After the incident came to light, the factory apologized to the people.

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