5 Dec 2019

Onion Soaring High

Onion prices have created such a storm in the country that there is an outcry all around.  The general public is now afraid of the name of onion.  

Despite the efforts of the government, onion prices are not decreasing, instead it is constantly increasing.  

In Kolkata, onion prices have gone up to Rs 160 per kg.  In other states including Delhi-NCR, Maharashtra, onion prices have gone up from Rs 120 to Rs 140 per kg.  Congress MPs in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha also staged a protest in Parliament House over the increased prices of onions in the country.

 Onion prices in these states

 Kolkata - 160 rupees
 Malda - 120-130 rupees
 Burdwan - 150 rupees
 Alipurdaur - 120 rupees
 Durgapur - Rs 120-125
 Hubli - Rs 140
 Nadia - 120 rupees

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