18 Dec 2019

People Throw Chairs At Priyanka Gandhi Rally

According to the sources coming in the incident of throwing chairs in Priyanka Gandhi's rally for the upcoming assembly elections in Jharkhand has come up to the forefront today.  

According to the information received, it is being told that while addressing an election public meeting in Pakur, Jharkhand, Congress General Secretary Priyanka people started throwing chairs at each other at this Priyanka said to people that just as you are throwing the chairs from the ground, similarly you should throw the BJP government from the chair.  

During the meeting, as soon as Priyanka Gandhi demanded a vote in support of Congress candidate Alamgir Alam in Barharwa, people started throwing chairs at each other.  On seeing the matter Hemant Soren took the stage from the stage and appealed for peace.

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