11 Dec 2019

Process In Death Sentence

After the encounter of Hyderabad rape and murder accused, the demand for the death penalty of Nirbhaya rape accused has started immensely.  

Meanwhile, a big news has come out from Tihar Jail No-3 of Delhi.  It has been learned from sources that the Tihar Jail hanging room has been opened.  The civil work is being finalized.  The bushes and grass of the hanging room is being cleaned.  Sources say that the officials of the Public Works Department are constantly monitoring the work here.  It is the same jail where the death row convicts are hanged.  In 2013, terrorist Afzal was hanged in this jail.

According to sources in this prison, there is a room used for hanging in an open yard.  This room is closed after the hanging of terrorist Afzal, but now again it has been opened.

According to media reports, the hanging room is a well shaped structure surrounded by boundary walls 12 feet above the ground.  Concrete roof is built on top of this structure.  The middle part of the roof has 12 to 12 feet long planks.  There are two iron poles on either side of the roof, which is connected by an iron pipe.  A noose is made on this pipe.  A lever is placed near the pipe, which by pressing it opens both the boards and the person is hanged  under the roof.

Those sentenced to be hanged are hanged only after sunrise.  Hanging is said to take place at six in the morning in the summer season and at seven in the winter.  The culprit is bathed at five in the morning before being brought to this place.  The magistrate then asks the convict about his last wish.  After this, the culprit is brought to this room and his face us covered by a black cloth.  The culprit's hands and feet are tied with rope or handcuffs.  After this, the mouth of the convict is covered with black cloth.  The hangman's noose is tightened in the throat of the convict, after which the jail officials and magistrates standing nearby look at their watch and point at the executioner.  The executioner pulls the lever as soon as the hint is received.  After which the convict swings on the noose.  Usually, this work is executed.

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