24 Dec 2019

Rahul Act Of Kindness Appreciated All Over

Reports coming in from Gandhi family Rahul Baba, the former president of the Congress Party has become the character of laughter for most of his statements.  Whenever he does any work, he is surrounded by controversies.  

But Rahul Gandhi recently did such a thing that he is not mocked rather he is being praised all over.

 In fact, on Monday, all the big Congress leaders of the country including Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi participated in the Satyagraha of the Congress at Rajghat in Delhi.  Sonia Gandhi was shivering from the cold during the Satyagraha program.  

At the same time, when Rahul Gandhi saw that his mother was shivering with cold, he got up and covered Sonia Gandhi with a shawl.  A picture of Sonia Gandhi being photographed was captured on camera.  This picture is becoming increasingly viral on social media.  Rahul Gandhi is being appreciated for this work.

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