24 Dec 2019

Shiv Sainiks Hooliganism In Maharashtra

According to the reports as soon as the Shiv Sena government came to power in Maharashtra, Shiv Sainiks have started on hooliganism.  Recently, Shiv Sainiks beat up a person fiercely.  Not only this, Shiv Sainiks also shaved the person publicly.

According to the information received, Hiramani Tiwari, a resident of Wadala, Mumbai, had posted a post on social media about CM Uddhav Thackeray.  Seeing the post, Shiv Sainiks did not liked it. 

Shiv Sainiks first beat Hiramani Tiwari badly and when the anger of Shiv Sainiks did not calm down, he was publicly shaved.  

Hiramani had stated CM Uddhav Thackeray's post of Jamia incident wrong.  After which Hiramani was attacked and shaved by Shiv Sainiks to avenge the insult of their mentor.

Heeramani has complained to the police after the incident, Heeramani has said that 25 to 30 people have attacked him with intention of murder.  It is being told that the police have asked Hiramani to compromise, but Tiwari has requested to take action against the accused.

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