27 Dec 2019

Railway Minister Obsecene Video Viral

The news of railway minister's obscene video call has gone viral.  Pakistan's railway minister Sheikh Rashid's footage of an obscene video call has become increasingly viral on social media.  In the viral video, Sheikh Rashid is talking to the tick tac star Harim on the video call.  Pakistan's Tic Tac Star Harim has accused Pakistan Railway Minister Rashid.  Harim alleges that Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid used to send her pornographic videos.

According to media reports, Tic-Talk star and railway minister Sheikh Rashid talks in viral videos some excerpt below:-

Harim - Have I disclosed any of your nights.  Why don't you talk to me

Sheikh Rashid - Do what you want to do.

Harim - What do you mean, you forgot about the nude videos you send me.  After this the call is cut.

However, the accuracy of this video has not been confirmed yet.  Harim also posted a video on her Twitter account but deleted later.  And wrote that I have no intention of defaming anyone, people who are trying to discredit me, request them to spare me, I have many good works.  

Harim Shah is the tick-star of Pakistan.  She has videos with many big leaders of Pakistan on Tic-Tac.  Recently, Harim took a selfie on the chair of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, due to which there was a lot of controversy.

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