3 Dec 2019

Rajiv Dhawan Muslim Law Board Lawyer Removed

Senior advocate Rajiv Dhawan appearing for the Muslim side in the Ayodhya Ram Janmabhoomi dispute has been removed from the case by Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind.  

According to the latest reports, Rajiv Dhawan has not been made a lawyer in the review petition filed by Jamiat on Monday.

 After being removed from the case, Rajiv Dhawan wrote on a Facebook post that I was told that I had been removed from the case, because I was not well.  This is utter nonsense.  Jamiat has the right to remove me from the case, but the reason given is wrong.  

He also said that now he will not be involved in this case.  In this regard, Rajiv Dhawan has also written a letter to Ijaz Maqbool.  However, it is also being said that the Muslim Personal Law Board and other Muslim parties can make Rajiv Dhawan a lawyer in their review petition.

 Let me tell you, on Monday, the first review petition was filed in the Supreme Court in the Ayodhya case.  A 217-page reconsideration petition was filed on behalf of the party M Siddiqui.  This reconsideration petition has demanded that the order of the Constitution Bench be stayed.  In which the disputed land has been given in favor of Ramlala Virajman.

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