3 Dec 2019

Avoiding Pollution By Home Remedies

These days, pollution is being seen everywhere.  The level of dangerous poisonous winds is increasing all around.  In such a situation, there is a direct impact on our health.  The air in the national capital has become six times more toxic than the dangerous level.  To avoid this, we have to increase the level of anti-oxidation in our body.  But there are many such remedies hidden in our kitchen which will increase immunity in the body, so let us know the home remedies.

 Black Pepper: It contains a very strong anti-oxidizing element capsaicin which protects the lungs.  Black pepper consumption is most effective in protecting against pollution and effects of cigarette smoke.

 Parsley: If you feel cough and swelling in the throat due to polluted air, drink tea of ​​parsley.  It is effective in eliminating other immune related problems of the body.

 Turmeric: Eating this together with ghee will relieve cough and asthma.  Turmeric intake reduces the risk of cancer.  Research has found that the antioxidants found in it are capable of killing cancer in animals.

 Jaggery: At this time everyone is troubled by colds and mucus.  For relief from this, eat turmeric and jaggery before sleeping, then the mucus will decrease.

 Rosemary: It is also called gulmahendi, which is a plant growing in the Mediterranean.  It is usually used as a medicine in homes.  Drinking extracts of this antioxidant plant will be beneficial.

 Desi Ghee - Besides native ghee, eating fats like mustard, coconut, sesame and olive oil will strengthen the body to fight against dangerous elements.

 By taking steam - There is a lot of difficulty in breathing during pollution, it will be beneficial to deal with it.  This will bring moisture to the breathing apparatus and the problem of blood coagulation will end.  Apart from this, drinking alkaline water will also benefit.

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