4 Dec 2019

Liquor And Meat To Be Sold In Religious Areas

 After issuing orders to serve eggs in Anganwadis, now the Kamal Nath government of Madhya Pradesh will sell liquor and meat in religious areas and holy cities as declared by the government.  

Licenses have been issued for the sale of liquor in Chitrakoot, Maihar and Orchha.  The government will be benefited from revenue by issuing licenses.  In this way the government has legalized the illegal instead of curbing illegal sales in the greed to earn money.  

By the same way if the lottery and cricket betting is legalized in Madhya Pradesh, then more profits can be made.

 According to the reports Shivraj Singh government of Bharatiya Janata Party in Madhya Pradesh prohibited not only the sale of alcohol but also the sale of meat in the religious areas of Madhya Pradesh and the holy cities declared by the government.  

The government had provided stringent punishments against illegal sellers.  The Kamal Nath government has amended these rules.  Notification has been issued by the Commercial Tax Department.

 Permission to open resort bar here -

 Heritage Tourist Area - Sanchi, Bhima Sitka, Khajuraho, Mandu, Orchha
 Religious Tourist Area - Maihar, Chitrakoot
 Natural Tourism Areas - Pachmarhi, Tamia, Patalkot, Udayagiri
 Water tourist areas - Gandhi Sagar (Mandsaur), Tawa Dam (Hoshangabad), Bansagar Dam (Rewa), Manikheda, Chandpatha Dam (Shivpuri), Gangau Dam (Panna), Maan Dam (Dhar), Jobat Fata Dam (Alirajpur),  Govindgarh Reservoir (Rewa), Machagora Dam (Chhindwara), Sopna Dam (Betul), Dholab

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