26 Dec 2019

Superstitions Hovering In Solar Eclipse

According to reports solar eclipse is happening across the country today.  There is an amazing view of solar eclipse in every corner of the country.  But superstition was also seen widely prevailing at some places.  One such incident has come from Gulberg in Karnataka.  Here women afraid of solar eclipse buried their children in the mud pit.

Some pictures of children being buried in the ground are becoming increasingly viral on social media.  It can be seen in the pictures how the women have buried the children inside the soil in the ground.  It is being told that by doing this, the disability of children is removed.

 In the viral pictures, the women made a mud pit and buried their children in the pit and only the face of the children is visible.  The solar eclipse started in India at 8:17 am today, which will last for 1:30 in the afternoon.

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