19 Dec 2019

Will President Trump Be Removed As US President

Reports are coming in from US, the impeachment motion has passed in the House against President Donald Trump on Wednesday.  Trump is accused of obstructing Congress and misusing power.  

The Democratic-led House of Representatives voted in the impeachment motion.  Trump has become the third such president in US history to be impeached.  Trump's tweet on Wednesday and retweeted tweets at the time of the House's debate before the impeachment vote marked the Democrats' attempt to impeach the country as well as the Republican Party.

The US High House Senate will be investigated for impeachment.  In such a situation, it is believed that he will not be removed from the post of President.  

The Republican Party says that they have 53 seats in the 100 seats of the Senate and two-thirds of the votes are necessary to remove Trump from office.  In such a situation, if about 20 MPs of Trump's party refuse to support him, then there will be some major changes.  However, till now the Republican Party has been supporting him.

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