27 Jan 2020

A Fruit Seller Gets Padam Shri

In the year 2020, the Modi government of the Center has approved the award of Padma Shri to 141 celebrities who have done commendable work in various fields.  These celebrities also include a man who sells fruits.  When Harekala Hazaba, who sells lives and sells fruits in Karnataka came to know that he was going to be awarded the Padma Shri by the Central Government he was shocked.  Harekala Hazaba says that I don't believe that I am going to get Padma Shri.

 Harekala Hazaba, 68, hailing from Karnataka, is a fruit seller.  He has a small shop for fruits, whatever money he earned from his shop, Hajaba had built a primary school in his village.  Now he is preparing to build a university with more fruit income.  Harekala Hazaba says that once a foreigner came to his shop to buy fruits from him.  But he could not understand their language and he left his shop without taking fruits.  After that he thought in my mind that there should be a school in my village too, so that the children of our village should read and learn English.  What happened to me today should not happen to the children of the village later.

 After which Hajaba brought the matter of building a school in the village in front of the villagers and started the school in the village mosque and appealed to the officials of the Kannada District Panchayat Office to formalize the facilities in the school and after several days, their work was brought to light and the district administration constructed the school building in 2008, although they have received many awards many times.  Not only this, his life story is also taught in the undergraduate program of Mangalore University.

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