25 Jan 2020

Another Case Filed By Nirbhaya's Accused

Nirbhaya's, one of Delhi's most talked about case which had terrorized nation is again coming in news where daily new tricks are coming up day by day to avoid being hanged even being guilty of gangrape and murder.  

Recently, Nirbhaya's accused have taken a stand against the Tihar jail administration.  During the hearing in the Patiala Incident Court on Saturday, the counsel for the convicts said that the convict Vinay was given a slow poison in the jail and was also admitted to the hospital. And medical report is not being given.

 Earlier, the accused of the convict had accused the Tihar Jail administration of not providing the necessary documents for the mercy petition to the convicts.  In Saturday's hearing, the Tihar Jail administration had informed the court that the relevant documents were provided to the counsel for the convicts. 

 The Patiala House Court has issued a death warrant for the convicts.  The four convicts will be hanged on February 1 at 6 am.

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