25 Jan 2020

Senior Journalist Deepak Chourasia attacked at Shaheen Bagh

The ongoing protests in Delhi's Shaheen Bagh again took a turn and the protestors in Delhi's Shaheen Bagh attacked senior journalist Deepak Chaurasia and his team.Protests against the citizenship law have been going on in Shaheen Bagh for forty days.When Deepak Chaurasia and his team arrived here for coverage,before they could even start a conversation,the protesters present there attacked him.The cameraman with the senior journalist Deepak Chourasia was also assaulted and the protestors even tried  to break the camera unit.

Deepak Chaurasia also tweeted a video of the attack on him and wrote that 'Hearing that the constitution is in danger,hearing that the fight is to save democracy.When I reached at the site where protest was taking place, to show the same voice of Shaheen Bagh to the country, I faced mob lynching. This tweet of Deepak has been retweeted more than 21 thousand times and it has got more than 36 thousand likes. #Deepakchourasia is trending in the top trends of Twitter too. On which people are constantly tweeting in support of Deepak.

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