8 Jan 2020

Culprits To Be Dressed In Black Before Hanging By Jail Authorities

The Patiala House court in Delhi has issued a death warrant in the Nirbhaya gang rape and murder case which threatens the country.  The four accused will be hanged on February 22 at 7 am.

As per procedure black clothes will be worn before hanging Nirbhaya's culprits.  The task of making clothes of the culprits has been entrusted to the tailor of Tihar Jail.  The tailor of Tihar jail has taken the measurements of the accused.  The tailor will prepare three types of clothes for the accused, in which there will be upper, lower, and head covering.  Only the inmates of Tihar Jail will prepare this clothes.

 According to Tihar Jail officials first  tea will be served to the accused before they are hanged.  The accused will be also asked to take bath.  Whether to bath or not is up to the culprits.  After taking bath, the convict will be served breakfast.  After which the order comes from the jail administration, then the accused are dressed in black and their hands are tied.  During this whole process, many jail personnel of Tihar will be present.  The convict is taken to the gallows with full security.

 Before the execution process, the convict will be asked to complete his will or property to someone.  After standing on the hanging board, his face is completely covered with black cloth.  After covering the face the jail superintendent removes the clothe from the culprit's face and checks to see if the accused who will be hanged is alright.  After which the face is again covered with black cloth.  After this, the executioner hangs the culprit and operates the lever.  As soon as the executioner gets a hint of pulling the lever, the executioner pulls the lever and the accused hangs on the noose.  For nearly two hours, the body of the deceased hangs on the noose and the investigation of his death is done.  After which when the death of the convict is confirmed, his body is sent for post-mortem.  The body of the convict is not handed over to his family so that the body can't be misused.

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