8 Jan 2020

Nirbhaya Friend Opened Up After Court Judgement

The night of 16 December 2012, the day when horrible happened to the country's daughter Nirbhaya that even today the country cannot forget.  The gangrape and murder of Nirbhaya had shaken the entire nation.  Even though Nirbhaya got justice after seven years, but Nirbhaya's friend Avanindra Pandey is still unable to forget that night.

 Avanindra Pandey is the one who was with Nirbhaya that night.  Avanindra Nirbhaya is the only witness in the case.  Who had seen that painful incident.  Whom even today he is unable to forget.  While talking to a TV channel, Avanindra Pandey said that I could not save my friend, my friendship remained incomplete, I had promised my friend Nirbhaya to be friends all the time, which broke.  Even today, every night I see that scene, which I am scared even today, I am not able to forget that night.  Probably never forget.

 Avanindra told that on the day Nirbhaya had a painful incident, we both went to see the movie "Life of Pi".  After the film was over, we both boarded a bus, in the same bus, five poor people treated Nirbhaya like animals and crossed all limits of humanity.  I am still hurt by this incident.  I am still not able to forget that incident.  I lost my friend.  Wish the capital had been awakened after that day.

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