8 Jan 2020

Shuffle In Ram Mandir Structure

A big news has come about the construction of Ram temple.  It has been learned that the model of the proposed temple has changed.  Another additional floor will be constructed in the model of the temple.  This decision has been taken in the VHP meeting held in Bangalore.

 According to the information received, another additional floor will be constructed in the new model of the proposed temple, due to which the height of the Ram temple will be 161 feet.  Earlier the height of the temple was 128 feet from the ground level, but now the construction of the additional floor will make the height of the temple 161 feet.  

Ramlala will be seated in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, Ram Durbar will be established in the first floor, but what arrangements will be made in the newly proposed additional floor, it has not been decided yet.  The decision will be taken only after consultation with saints and other people.  Also, the new proposed model will be made public after the permission of the Central Guides Board.

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