7 Jan 2020

Nirbhaya Case An Overview

The death warrant has been issued by the Patiala House Court to the convicts of Nirbhaya.  The four accused will be hanged on January 22 at 7 am.

 Delhi's Patiala House Court have given its verdict today in the famous Nirbhaya gang rape and murder case of the country's capital.  Nirbhaya's mother petitioned in court.  The court heared it today.  It was expected that today the court will sentence the culprits to death, all the convicts were presented through video conference.  Although the court has sentenced the four accused to death, only the death warrant is yet to be issued.

 It has been learned that during the hearing of the case, Nirbhaya's mother and the guilty Mukesh's mother wept.  Mukesh's mother has said that she is also a mother, we should also take care of her.  It is being told that all the four accused have been presented in the court through video conferencing.  Court judges talked to the culprits.

 The judge asked the four convicts through video conferencing if everyone got a notice from the jail, then the convicts said that yes we have received the notice and we have also responded to the notice.  But whatever legal options are there, we will use them.

 This is Nirbhaya's criminal:-

 Vinay Sharma - Vinay Sharma is a gym trainer.
 Akshay Thakur - Akshay Thakur is guilty of Nirbhaya gang rape case.

 Pawan Gupta - Pawan Gupta is a fruit shopkeeper. At the time of the Pawan incident, he was 19 years old.

 Mukesh Singh - Mukesh Singh is a bus driver, Mukesh is the brother of Ramsingh, Mukesh is the main accused.
This is the death warrant:-

 When the court issues the death warrant of a convict, legal papers form number 42 is filled.  In this form, the name of the jail in which the jail will be hanged, is fed.  The names of all the convicts hanging in the form are blossomed, the FIR number is mentioned on the form, the day of death and time of death are mentioned in the form, the names of the convicts are written in the form.  

It is also written in the form that the accused be hanged until he dies and the court is informed after hanging.  
After completing all these procedures, the death warrant is sent from the court to the jail administration.  After which the jail administration according to the death warrant, offers the accused to the gallows.

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